Cmovies 2020 – Watch Free HD Movies Online

Cmovies has been one of the best movie streaming websites across the world. However, the site is getting down many times but this site gets back in the track with another proxy. In this blog, we Dailyrik briefly discuss in detail about this site and how it works.

About Cmovies 2020


Cmovies has a huge collection of HD movies in various genres. which is satisfying for users, they can find and watch movies easily. This streaming site shares HD movies and Web Series for free. Moreover, This illegal site has a massive collection of HD Movies from different movie industries and premium OTT film and television content.

Alternative of Cmovies

On the internet, we find many other websites like

 these sites where you can watch movies online for free. But as per Google Trend, we find out that Cmovies is better than the other sites.

Most Popular Movies On Cmovies

This website gets millions of visitors to watch movies online. After briefly analyzed about this website we find the top most viewed movies on this site. Bloodshot, I Still Believe, The Invisible Man, The Hunt, Ip Man 4: The Finale, The Call of The Wild, The Gentleman, and Birds of Prey.

How Much Traffic This Website Gets

According to the research and collect from different websites analysis data, we estimate that this website gets 10-12 million visitors monthly. After we analyze this site, every visitor visits a minimum of 3.9 pages, and 3 minutes in an average visitor every visitor spends time on this site. This website’s bounce rate is 20.1% that’s good for site ranking globally.

How Popular is Cmovies

cmovies alexa ranks

Cmovies is one of the best movie streaming websites and this site is getting millions of traffic from worldwide. According to google search, we estimated that this website gates 10-12 million traffic per month, and According to this site is ranked at 22,684 from 841,259 just in 90 days. Alexa’s country wise ranking this website 8,023 in India and 30, 779 in the United States.

How Much Cmovies Earn Annually 

This website gets millions of traffic annually and generates passive income from these millions of traffic. According to, $1,760,800 Estimated worth of this website. This website makes $1,106 per day, $33,180 per month and $398,160 per year.


Worldwide Google Trends Analysis of Cmovies

Region-Wise Search Interest according to Google Trend Data


Cmovies and other similar websites are totally illegal. You must avoid this type of website. This article is just for educational purposes. We Dailyrik don’t support or promote this website and we always support our Indian constitution.